Can I still do a plumbing apprenticeship if I have university degree?

You can do a a plumbing apprenticeship but you will not be eligible for funding. You or your employer would then still have to pay for your training costs.

Will I have to restart my plumbing apprenticeship if I change employers?

No your plumbing apprenticeship will not be reset. If you are aged 19 and over and have changde employers after you have completed your first year, you are eligible for the national minimum wage.

Is a plumbing apprenticeship more rewarding than training by other means?

Monetarily speaking, an apprentice will earn on average £100,00 over the course of their career more than those that do not train with an apprenticeship.

Doing a plumbing apprenticeship will also earn you UCAS points which will help you should you decide to apply for higher education.

Do I have to pay national insurance whilst doing a plumbing apprenticeship?

Yes, all over 16s must pay national insurance and tax on their earnings.

How long does a plumbing apprenticeship take?

A plumbing apprenticeship will take between 1 and 4 years dependent on your previous experience and qualifications and also how many hours per week you devote to training.

Is there an age limit of plumbing apprenticeships?

No, however over 25s are not eligible for the full funding.

How much holiday time do I get on my plumbing apprenticeship?

Like everyone else, you are entitled to a minimum of 20 days payed holiday leave and bank holidays on top.

Can I choose where I work on my plumbing apprenticeship?

Yes. Standard procedure is to apply for vacancies just like with any job. Securing a position will be subject to the employer’s testing and discretion.

What skills will I gain from a plumbing apprenticeship?

Along with the obvious technical plumbing skills gained, you will also be trained in English, Maths and ICT.

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